Ducati: Ducatisumisura.com, two new models

In collaboration with Dainese and Aldo Drudi, two new Borgo Panigale leather suits that can be fully customised


Ducati, after presenting its new 2017 bikes and apparel collection at EICMA 2016, has yet more surprises in store. The Ducatisumisura.com site, which allows visitors to personalise racing suits using the configurator, now adds two new and attractive models to its range, in the form of the Ducati Corse C3 one- and two-piece leathers, exclusive garments produced in collaboration with Dainese and designed by Aldo Drudi.

The value of a fully certified garment is combined with the possibility of having truly unique leathers, by personalising either a standard or tailor-made size. The site features a configurator (click on this link to see it) where you can choose the basic colour of the leathers, add script in various areas (two type-faces but many colour options), choose normal or perforated, etc. Basically let your creativity run free.


Translated by Heather Watson

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