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MotoGP, Marquez: Honda wants the manufacturer's title

The Spaniard sets the challenge: "Pedrosa and I will do all we can to secure it"

Marquez: Honda wants the manufacturer's title

Jorge Lorenzo may have dominated the day's proceedings at Valencia but Marc Marquez is hot on the Spaniard's heels. The Honda rider is following close behind his fellow countryman, setting the second fastest time.

Not a bad start.

“I feel good. Last year at Valencia I had trouble with corner entry now I feel competitive there, also on exit”.

How do you feel with the new tyres?

I've tried them but haven't found any great difference. I think it's the same for other riders too. The Michelins are very different from track to track, the rider has to adapt his riding style”.

You went with different tyres in FP1 and FP2.

“This morning we worked with the soft tyre and got on well, in the afternoon I decided to use the hard solution, and made a good step forward. We'll see what happens tomorrow”.

And in terms of electronics?

“I think there's been an improvement, perhaps not enough from a power standpoint. The electronics can help us, but there's the risk of a reduction in power”.

We've noticed that you often train with MX bikes. What changes with respect to the asphalt?

In MotoGP precision is key and you can pay dearly for any tiny detail. In MX you can immediately make up for that even if it's more tiring physically”.

As well as the rider's title, you could give Honda the manufacturer's title too.

“It's important to Honda. We know it won't be easy, because we've lost some important points, but I'll try to fight. Dani will do the same and we'll strive to bring it home. The main title is the rider's title though”.

For next season, what will you focus on in testing?  

 “We're working on the engine to have more power on the straight and in acceleration. So we need to find the right balance. We'll take a step by step approach, without making drastic changes. The frame is not a priority”.   

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