MotoGP, Sepang: the new turn 15, safer and more spectacular

VIDEO AND PHOTOS. The Malaysian track has undergone various modifications, we look at how the last turn has changed

La nuova curva 15 del circuito di Sepang: ecco come cambia
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All of the MotoGP riders know the Sepang racetrack like the back of their hands, considering that, as well as the race, the Malaysian track also hosts winter tests. But this time, they will face a slightly different layout. Jarno Zaffellis' Dromo company was responsible for carrying out the track updates.

The resurfacing was just one of the many operations carried out in order to make it safer and more spectacular. The potholes resulting from car races have been removed, track draining has been improved and certain run-off areas have been modified.

There is basically no point that has not been analysed and improved.

The turn that received most attention though is turn 15, the last one leading onto the straight. In this case, the incline has been modified in order to: prevent the formation of channels in case of rain, reduce speed through the turn and, consequently, maximum speed along the straight, increase the show in that this is the final point at which to make a pass.

As we wait to see the riders in action, we leave you with this video that shows the modifications made to the turn with a photo gallery of the works completed.

Translated by Heather Watson

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