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Ducati 1408: a total mystery

The elite sports bike should make an appearance at EICMA 2016

Ducati 1408: a total mystery

2006. What does this date tell you if you think Ducati? Does the Desmosedici RR mean nothing? That great bombardon produced between 2007 and 2008, otherwise known as the road version of the MotoGP. It had a 989 cc V4 90°engine, with 4 valves per cylinder, a desmodromic double camshaft with desmo valve train system and asymmetric "Twin Pulse" configuration. 10 years have now passed... so why mark the occasion with something 'similar', not necessarily a sports bike, but maybe a Race Replica with licence plate and lights. Are you curious? We are, and our interest is only increasing because we know absolutely nothing!

PROJECT 1408 - It's name, at least for now, is "Progetto 1408". This makes us think about engine size, but can this really be? It's a mystery... 4 plus 1 makes 6. No, that's not right. 1 plus 4 plus 8? Nothing... We don't know what these numbers mean but the real numbers, circulating on the web, are like this: 155 Kg dry weight and 210 hp! Enough to further pique our interest. It will be the best in terms of technology, and the best.... of the best. All we can do is wait for the Milan Motorcycle Show. We can only imagine the sky-high price, seeing as this will be an extremely limited edition.

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