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MotoGP, GP Austria: Michelin with asymmetrical rear tyres

The Red Bull Ring is new to everyone, even the tyre supplier: "It has an unusual design and the asphalt is very abrasive."

GP Austria: Michelin with asymmetrical rear tyres

The Red Bull Ring is the novelty of the year for teams, riders and naturally for the tyre supplier as well. Michelin was able to size up the track during the July tests in order to prepare for the race in the best possible way. The Spielberg track is quite peculiar, with a lot of straights and very few corners, 7 of which are right-handers and only 2 left-handers.

Furthermore, the asphalt is very abrasive and the French technicians had to focus on tyre life based on the race's 28 laps. For the front, Michelin will provide three options (soft, medium and hard). For the rear, on the other hand, the riders will have two choices: medium and hard, both asymmetric with a harder right side.

“The Red Bull Ring will be a completely new experience, not only for Michelin, but for the entire paddock - explains manager Piero Taramasso - The only rider who has raced here is Valentino Rossi, but on a small bike, and the circuit has been completely revamped since then. Recently we conducted a test here and learned quite a lot, so we think that we have a clear idea of how the tyres will work. The track is interesting, with only 2 left-handers and 7 right-handers, so we brought tyres that will adapt to this unusual design.

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