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MotoGP, Marquez: I'm riding more Yamaha style

"It's due to the new engine. The record? I don't think I'll beat it". Pedrosa: "all day battling with the bike"

Marquez: I'm riding more Yamaha style

22 laps of the Austin track, of which Marquez led for 19. This number clearly demonstrates the Spaniard's superiority at the CotA. Once again today his closest rival was 7 tenths behind, and this despite a crash for Marc at the last turn.

I arrived too fast, I tried to close the line anyway but lost the front. Now I know not to try again at that point”, he explains with a smile.

How was the day overall?

I'm pleased, sensations are good, even though there is more to do on the set-up. My confidence has continued to increase, now we need to better understand the tyres, particularly the rear”.

Yesterday you were worried…

I thought I'd lose more in acceleration, but the gap is limited in terms of pick up from first gear. With the new engine, I have to ride in a different way, like the Yamaha riders do: wide on entry to prepare for exit”.

Will you set another record?

The tyres are working well, we just need to understand their durability. Both the track and I have improved, I don't think I'll improve on the record but we could get close”.

Pedrosa, on the other hand, is far from content, experiencing various problems. The bike is not set up as Dani would like and this has impacted on his performance.

It's been a difficult day, I've battled with the bike, I don't like the setting at all - he comments - At a certain point, having messed up the same turn many times over, I also got angry. We're working to the max but the problems continue. We'll have to see tomorrow what tyres Michelin have brought us”.

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