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Monday, 08 February 2016
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MotoGP, Iannone: I share the merit with Ducati

- MotoGP

Andrea Iannone - GPOne.comThe Austin GP was definitely the race of the Honda domain but we shouldn’t forget it was also the race of the “return” of Ducati. Not only for the podium of Dovizioso, but also for the performance of Andrea Iannone third for most of the race before becoming a victim, like many others, of a severe wear of the front tire. “Texas was just a confirmation: in Qatar also I could have done well". The Pramac rider said recalling the first race of the season ended early with crash.

How do you rate yourself this time?

In Texas I definitely had a good race and I'm very happy with my performance. Let’s not forget, however, that it is thanks to Ducati that I could be so competitive, I want to share the credit with all the guys”.

Someone says that Ducati is favourite by the regulation.

In Texas it wasn’t possible to race the soft spec and we did the race with the same tires of the others. The four extra liters don’t give us any advantage, we never had problems with fuel consumption”.

Did you expect to be able to fight for the podium or was it a surprise?

I knew I could keep a good pace, I started well and then I pushed hard. In the last free practice session I had set the second best lap time, just behind Marquez. Someone thought I was using the soft tire but I wasn’t.

How was the battle with Rossi?

It wasn’t a long one: Valentino went wide in overtaking me and I got back on front. I hope that in the future there will be other opportunities to have a real duel with him”.

Did you have any problems with the front tire before?

Not at all. Not for the whole weekend. Just in the warm-up we had some warning, but I was using a used tire and we thought that that was the cause”.

You weren’t the only one with that kind of problem...

We all were more or less in the same situation, although Valentino and me were probably in the worse situation. We’ll surely discuss it in the Safety Commission in Argentina”.

About the next GP, how do you prepare for an unknown track?

There is little to do, just to get there and see how it is. It's like when you date a girl for the first time, you can not prepare before” (laughs).

Translated by Federica De Zottis