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Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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Rossi: they penalized us far too much

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Valentino Rossi - GPOne.comThe nine-time World Champion met the journalists waiting for him after the FP3 session, with a big question mark drawn on his face. He came out of his office in the Losail paddock where he was studying the timesheets reporting him in tenth position, barely able to access the tomorrow Q2. From the Carmelo Ezpeleta’s hat it came out a trick never seen before and perhaps not entirely intended. And the MotoGP is rocking on its foundations. “Maybe it’s not the strangest situation I have ever found myself in – he reflected - but certainly in the last few years never happened anything like this”.

Is it a tragedy?

It‘s a situation very difficult to understand, Aleix Espargaró is really fast with both tires. Apart from him, we are all very close, with just one second splitting eleven riders”.

You risked to miss the Q2.

Our minimum goal was staying in the top ten and considering how it went, it was not so obvious. I missed the single lap: I was ahead of Lorenzo for almost the whole session, but he has been good at knocking those few tenths off in the end”.

The qualifying will be crucial.

I have to drop a further few tenths tomorrow, every position earned on the starting grid will be crucial. Among the Factory class bikes me, Marc, Jorge, Dani and Bradl have a similar pace while Bautista seems a little bit faster”.

And then there's Aleix.

He is the favourite for the victory, he is the only one able to be fast with every tire specs. I don’t underestimate Iannone and Dovizioso either, they are competitive not only on the single lap, they can reel off consistent laps in the low 1'56. They could stay on front for the whole race”.

How do you explain the competitiveness of Espargaró?

He's riding really well, he is galvanized and so he is putting an extra effort. I cannot explain the difference between us because he is faster even with the same tyre. The chassis of his bike is older than ours, it shouldn’t be better. The extra fuel surely helps, but we don’t use strategies to limit the consumption in practices”.

What’s about the fuel consumption in the race?

I’ll risk a lot, I’m really at the limit with the fuel”.

Do the tires affect so much the performances?

We struggle a lot, with the rear tyre spinning when we open the throttle, especially when the bike is leaning. I tried the harder compound, it could be an option good for me, we will see. We have talked about the tyres’ situation in the Safety Commission but for the moment no changes are planned”.

What can we expect for Sunday?

Who guess the podium is a genius. It will be one of those races where you can arrive ninth such as make the podium or even win”.

This means that who changed the rules has done it right.

Yes, at the expenses of the Factory Hondas and Yamahas. They wanted penalized us and they have done it far too much”.

Translated by Federica De Zottis