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Friday, 12 February 2016
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MotoGP, Suppo: it’s correct that Ducati get helped

- MotoGP

Livio Suppo - GPOne.comFor the first time in the Series history the MotoGP rules have been modified just a few hours before the season’s kick off. After many controversies, however, finally today the die has been cast and, at least in appearance, everybody says to be happy with Dorna’s decisions. Even Honda, through the Team Principal Livio Suppo, gave his go-ahead to the latest moves of the Promoter. “Now I like the situation much more than before – Suppo makes it immediately clear – Now everything is in the full light, all is clear”.

Even if it benefits Ducati?

I think it’s correct that if a manufacturer is in trouble the others make themselves available to help. And when Ducati will be back to competitiveness it will loose those benefits, at least in part”.

Perhaps you are not happy with the fact that in 2016 you will be forced to use a single software.

There has always been a misunderstanding about our position on this matter and it’s something I have often spoken about with Nakamoto. We are not against an unique software for everyone, we simply don’t want a frozen, sealed, software. It is difficult for Westerners to understand it, but the main reason the Japanese Factories are involved in racing, is the development of their bike and the growth of their Engineers”.

So does this solution suit you?

It does, because it allows everyone to take part in the development. From now up to 2016 we have to understand how to build up this common platform”.

From the outside, and the riders agree with it, the situation looks quite confusing for the fans.

The fans want to see closer races and, on paper, now it should be so. Ducati and the Open bikes can create some havoc in qualifying and in the first part of the race. I do not think the fans are so interested in the rules and are not going to watch the races because of them. Also in Formula 1 rules are complicated and I think not too many people know them in depth”.

Can the Open bikes be a real menace for the Title?

The biggest advantages they have, besides the four extra litres, are the extra soft tyres. But I do not think this will change the balances for the title chase. It can be a different story in some GPs. There may be occasions, with particular weather conditions, when the softer tire can make a difference”.

The Honda Open didn’t go so well during the preseason.

Our problem has a name and a surname: Aleix Espargaro. Without him, we would be at the level of the others. It is undeniable that his bike has an engine more efficient than ours. I expect, however, that the RCV1000R will be more up to the expectations on circuits with shorter straights, like Sachsenring”.

There will be some updates any soon?

Let’s wait for the first few races go, because power apart, the riders are happy with the bike. If necessary we will intervene, but consistently with times and resources, as always”.

Translated by Federica De Zottis