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Saturday, 13 February 2016
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BK, Canepa opens a Panigale “case”

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Niccolò Canepa  - GPOne.com Needless to say how happy Niccolò Canepa was when he returned to the pit-box after the Superpole.

"I made a mistake, too bad! - the Geoese told us - It’s already a safisfaction to have entered as a wild card in Superpole, considering that last year maybe I never managed to do it. The time is satisfactory and we were fast in the race pace. As a matter of facts this morning we have concluded 24 laps riding in race configuration. A good basis for tomorrow race ".

- Have you used very different settings from Carlos and Ayrton ones?

"I don’t know anything about the others because we have immediately chosen our way and I haven’t spoken with the technicians yet".

Our thoughts go immediately to the performance of the two official Alstare team riders, Checa and Badovini who made the tenth and the fourteenth time.

An inevitable question to ask to Francesco Batta, team owner: is Canepa performance a problem for the other riders of the team?

CArlos Checa - GPOne.com"At the moment Carlos is the problem. - the Belgian manager said - He has to understand well how his shoulder is recovering. This morning after 10 laps he has suffered some pain. I prefer that he stops, rather than making the tenth or the eleventh time and worsening his shoulder condition".

Also Ernesto Marinelli agrees: " Surely Carlos is far from his best. The shoulder problem is penalizing him a lot. He isn’t at 200% of his shape. We have to verify he doesn’t get worse and tomorrow night we have to evaluate the situation, to understand the problem and to fix it once and for all".

- However Canepa has always been among the best ones...

"Niccolò has a very long history with us - Marinelli goes on- and he already rides the STK with the Panigale which ran for the first time at Donington Park".

" I know well Canepa because he was my rival twice in STK with Short and Simeon. - Batta told us- He made 1 or 2 very fast laps with race tyres and without the error he could have made the 5th or the 6th time. He rode with a mindset focused to get the best from the motorbike, counting on his physical strength. He rode the Panigale where he wanted to. A mentality that Carlos had in Australia before the fall."

- Were drivers technical choices very different from one another ?

" They were quite similar regarding the front tyreswith the normal differences due to the ride style. Regarding the back tyres they were more different" Marinelli told us.

In the end, Batta considered as positive the presence of Canepa at Donington (regretting that there aren’t many other Sundays free from STK ...): " Niccolò performance has awakened Carlos attention who could have competed against nothing looking for a way out, but now we must take care of his shoulder to avoid further damage".

Translation by Flavia Giuliano