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Sunday, 14 February 2016
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Lorenzo furious with the Race Direction

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Jorge Lorenzo e Marc Marquez - GPOne.comLorenzo was furious when he showed up at the meeting organized on the eve of Le Mans' GP. All the riders were present and on the agenda also, but not only, the clash between Jorge and Marquez at the last corner in Jerez. The Majorcan didn't lose the chance to remove some thorne from his side and it seems that the peacemaking hand shake with the rival is only a memory.

We can say that Lorenzo was just waiting for it “In football, taking off your t-shirt is enough to get a yellow card , in Formula 1 every maneuver is analyzed under a microscope while here nobody does anything”he blurted out, as stated by some witnesses. Jorge continued his harangue for almost half an hour and has not been kind to the Race Direction, “I haven't found anyone to talk after the race and the maneuver has not even been put under investigation” he said. Loris Capirossi was attending the meeting, but his answers didn't seem to convince the Yamaha rider, who at some point went out from the room before the end of the discussion.

His opinion is clear: “ Marc would not have done that corner without touching me, if I wasn't there he would be ended up in the gravel trap. The situation is different from the the duel with Pedrosa in Brno, where we were both correct. In these cases, measures should be taken. "Marquez has been silent all the time and some rider, even without the tone of Jorge, has supported his criticisms. “We should put some limit, saying clearly which are the boundaries”their opinion.

Also because with the introduction of “penalty point system”, there could be means to intervene. It could be enough to give Marquez an earful, without immediate penalties to get everything back to normal. The Race Direction seems to think differently and this doesn't go well for Jeorge. If there are rules, they must be respected and enforced, that's the point. But the “officers of the law” in this case seems to have been too liberal.

There is no need to blame Marquez too much, also because no other driver has condemned for that maneuver, but perhaps to convoke the two protagonists to talk to them in private would be a wise and intelligent move.That is not what happened and even long after Lorenzo has not changed his mind on that overtaking. The two riders soon are going to sit side by side at the press conference. Who knows what will happen.