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Saturday, 06 February 2016
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Rossi: if I win, maybe I'll retire

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Michael Schumacher e valentino Rossi a Le Mans - GPOne.comIf you hear Valentino Rossi saying that 2013 will be a year for him to get reacquainted with the Yamaha, you should believe him. At least not completely, anyway.  In a recent interview given to Italian TV channel Italia1, Rossi made the following, somewhat mysterious, statement:

"I don't know if 2013 will be my final year in MotoGP, but I hope it is, because it would mean that the year went very well - the nine time world champion said -  But I don't ever want to quit.  I'd like to be a racer for as long as I'm able, either with bikes or cars.  I like this life and the adrenaline that it gives you."

The obvious interpretation is that Rossi would like to walk away from MotoGP as a winner, and that a tenth world championship next year could be exactly what he was looking for.  It's also clear that he wouldn't retire completely, but merely find another discipline to compete in.


Rossi: if I win, maybe I'll retire - GPOne.comSpeaking about his Ducati adventure, Valentino added: "From the last two seasons with Ducati, I'm disappointed in the results and the fact that I couldn't improve the bike.  They were two difficult seasons which, however, will help me enjoy the next ones even more.  My most optimistic expectations would see me winning the world championship, while my most pessimistic would see me finishing behind Lorenzo in every single race."


Translation by Sean Sedacca