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Saturday, 06 February 2016
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Rossi: Lorenzo? He is settling

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Valentino Rossi - GPOne.comThe Malaysian rain wasn't as sweet to Rossi as the French variety, which helped Valentino Rossi to get his Ducati on the podium.  At Sepang he had to settle for a 5th place finish, after a small mistake that cost him precious time: "I ran long in turn 7 - the Italian explained - where many other riders went down.  At least I was lucky enough to stay upright.  Without that mistake I could have finished one place higher, but fighting with Stoner for the podium would have been very hard."

Valentino isn't involved in the title fight, but he is playing close attention to it: "Clinching the championship with a race win is more satisfying, and I was always very aggressive when the title was on the line.  But it all depends on how you feel.  Maybe Jorge has understood that Dani is a little faster right now, and he prefers to settle for solid results. You definitely take fewer risks with this approach." An approach which freshly crowned Moto3 world champion Sandro Cortese didn't take today: "I thought he would leave the win to Khairuddin, since I know they are friends.  It would have been a historic win for the Malaysian rider, but in the end a racer must try and win every chance he gets."

Something Valentino is incapable of doing right now, even in the wet: "The GP12 evo isn't any worse in the wet than the previous version.  What was different from Le Mans?  I had a better setup there, but my setup today wasn't perfect. We also haven't tested in these conditions.  The D16 offers good traction in the wet, which is an important advantage on a track like Le Mans, but here it was less decisive and I couldn't make the difference in the faster corners.  I also had problems with my visor, which kept fogging up. With the darker light of the late afternoon, it was very hard to see.  Without this issue I might not have made that mistake."

The Ducati rider was also in agreement with the race being red flagged. "I raised my hand on the straight as well, but the red flag was already being shown.  When the bike starts to aquaplane on the straight, that means there is too much water and you can crash at any time.  The mistake was starting the race at 4pm. If we encountered those conditions at an earlier hour, we could have waited and re-started the race.  A 7 lap sprint has its advantages and disadvantages, but it certainly would have been more exciting for the fans."

The full audio interview is below:

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Translation by Sean Sedacca