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Thursday, 11 February 2016
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Guareschi: a bright future for Ducati

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Vittoriano Guareschi - GPOne.comValentino Rossi's second place finish at Misano was probably the best moment Vittoriano Guareschi has had in the last two years.  The Ducati team manager is now much more optimistic about the road ahead: "I'm sure that the direction taken with the latest updates is the right one," the Italian affirmed, even if Rossi and Hayden struggled today in qualifying.

How can you be so sure?

"The riders have told me so. Both Valentino and Nicky.  This latest package works better than the last.  We need to continue down this path."

But today didn't provide the confirmation you expected...

"We couldn't have gotten it today; we only lapped for 60 minutes in the dry, and both Rossi and Hayden had crashes.  Days like this are hardly indicative. Honda and Yamaha had the advantage of testing here recently, and we entered the track in the dark, so to speak.  We started with the Misano setup."

What advantages does the new chassis offer?

"There are several.  For example, the race tire now lasts a lot longer. That was our weak point before, but at Misano we suffered less tire wear than the others."

Hayden said these updates were developed based on his indications. Is that true?

"The setup Rossi uses now is more similar to the one always used by Nicky.  To use these settings on the old frame, it was necessary to mount a special part that Hayden could adopt by Valentino could not. With the new chassis, however, this problem has been eliminated.  We have a greater range of setup options."

Why did these updates take so long to arrive?

"To produce new components, we must rely on outside suppliers.  This slows things down. If our competitors can make a new frame in two or three weeks, that's impossible for us.  We started working on this frame after the Aragon tests, the day after the Barcelona race, but we couldn't get them any sooner."

Could this change with Audi?

"They certainly have the competence and the infrastructure to help us in this way. It would be a nice step forward.  2013 is looking good to me."


Translation by Sean Sedacca