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Monday, 08 February 2016
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Rossi: ducatisti, I'm disappointed too

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Valentino Rossi - GPOne.comDespite coming off of his best dry weather result with Ducati, there are still many open questions for Valentino Rossi at Aragon. "This weekend will be an important test to better understand our level - the Italian rider revealed - we took a step forward, but we need to know how big it was. I tried other updates during the Monday post-race test that were also an improvement, but now we need confirmation."

How much of your 2nd place was luck, with Pedrosa and Stoner being out?

"I know that Casey, Dani and Jorge have been faster all season, but they have been faster than everyone else as well.  So finishing ahead of the 'others' is still a good result, also because we are usually behind them.  We did take a step forward, and then some luck might have helped us score the podium.  We just need to understand if we can race with the second group."

This week you complained on Twitter that almost all of the ducatisti have been negative towards you...

"After a year and a half with these results I don't expect some huge acclaim, but I receive a lot of messages that are overly negative. I'm sorry that some people don't think I"m giving my best.  But I don't want to generalize; maybe it's only a small portion."

Are the two fan groups, yours and Ducati's, split like this all over the world?

"To be honest, it only happens in Italy. In other places my fans also root for Ducati, and viceversa.  In difficult times you expect a little support.  I'm not denying the disappointment, but it's the same for all of us. They are upset and I am upset.  Nobody is happy. But in the end it's the results on track that count most, and we'll see what they say next year, for both myself and Ducati."

We hear that Kevin Schwantz visited your ranch...

"That was another great experience, along with racing a Ferrari at the Nurburgring.  I had already ridden motocross bikes with Kevin, but never just the two of us.  Kevin is really fast, and we had a great battle."

Who won?

"I was a little faster than him, but I also have more experience on my track."


Translation by Sean Sedacca