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Saturday, 06 February 2016
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Hayden also likes the GP12 'evo'

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Nicky Hayden - GPOne.comDespite having completed just a few laps with the newest GP12 chassis, Nicky Hayden was able to confirm the positive impression that Valentino Rossi had of this latest Ducati.

“In order not to stress my hand too much, we only did two runs today - the American commented - One with basically my race bike, and one with the new frame, but it was nice to get an idea of the chassis. I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to notice the difference, but I could actually feel more than I expected, even after just six laps. I felt better with it, for sure. I had more confidence because there’s better front grip for braking into the corners, and because of that, also better turning.  The understeer has been reduced."

The Kentucky Kid now has two weeks to rest and heal up, before the next GP round at Aragon.

"I'd like to have the new chassis on both bikes in Spain, and for sure we will have it on one of them. I think it’s certainly a step in the right direction, straight away, and I’m happy with the work Ducati has done. Because I was able to brake a bit differently, I’ll probably need to stiffen the fork spring a bit, but already, it was a good step. I’m quite happy, and at Aragon we’ll start to work on the setup.  We have a lot more variety with the chassis setup now, where the previous version had basically reached the limit of its potential." 

Without discussing specific lap times, Hayden made it clear he was happy with the results.

"I didn't do the track record or anything like that, but also because I couldn't push at 100%.  Riding both bikes back to back, however, I was definitely faster on the new version."


Translation by Sean Sedacca