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Sunday, 14 February 2016
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Rossi: no contract talks during GP's

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Valentino Rossi - GPOne.comStarting next season, the German Grand Prix will be another "home" race for Ducati, assuming the antitrust authorities approve Audi's acquisition of the Italian marque.  Indeed, some representatives from Audi are expected to attend the race this weekend, to get a first "taste" of MotoGP.  "If I see someone, I will certainly say hello - joked Valentino Rossi - but a race weekend isn't the right place to talk about contracts, or about next season." No distractions for the Doctor then, who finished the dry FP1 in 11th place, and the wet FP2 in 5th.

"Our problems are the same in both conditions, but in the wet we are able to be faster. After some experimentation at Silverstone, we have returned to a setup similar to the one from our positive races, like Barcelona, Estoril and Le Mans.  It's not perfect, and the bike is a little harder to ride, but it helps save the rear tire.  This morning I tried doing some consecutive laps with the hard tire to try to understand which tire to use on Sunday. It will be a difficult choice because the soft is a bit faster in the beginning, but then it becomes difficult to manage, while the hard is a bit slower but is more consistent."

Another mystery is his lack of speed in the middle portion of the circuit.  "We are suffering the most in T2 and T3.  I'm also having trouble on the brakes after the big descent, so we need to make some modifications.  We need to change the position of the front end, but without overly penalizing our performance in the tighter sections.  If it's dry tomorrow, we will have time to resolve our problems.  If it's wet, that will be even better for us."

That said, the other bikes are looking strong in the wet as well.  In FP2, there were 11 riders within one second of each other. "The electronics do practically everything when accelerating in the wet.  The rider and his throttle control can't make much of a difference."


Translation by Sean Sedacca