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Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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Ago: Rossi? Ducati is the best choice

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Giacomo Agostini - GPOne.comAs the MotoGP season prepares to heat up - not just literally - with four races in the span of a month, we spoke with 15 time world champion Giacomo Agostini during the inauguration of the Yamaha Poggi collection in Bologna. This first topic of discussion was Casey Stoner's retirement announcement.

"I think that, quite simply, he is no longer in love with racing - Agostini commented - It happens to a lot of couples when they separate, and there's nothing strange about it.  Now he prefers a life in the country with his family.  Just one thing is strange: he's still very young, with a lot to offer to the sport and a lot of money left to earn.  But it's his decision, and it must be respected."

Rossi, Lorenzo, and Pedrosa all have contracts expiring at the end of the season, which should make things interesting.

"Casey's departure really opens up the market.  Now the most important piece is Lorenzo. I hope he stays at Yamaha; it's a team he knows well, and now it's becoming like a family for him.  And it seems like the atmosphere is a little more human and friendly than at Honda.  I felt very good at Yamaha, and even now it seems like they treat their riders very well."

And what about Rossi?

"It's hard for Vale.  Ducati has an important sponsor, and it remains the best option for him economically.  I don't know if he really has a chance to return to Honda. In any case, it would be hard for him to start winning 7 out of 10 races again, like he used to do.  All the riders give their best, but the champions are able to give 110%.  He was one of those guys, but now perhaps he can 'only' give 100%.  But if he finds a bike that he likes, surely he can do better than he is now. Rossi remains the most complete rider. From this point of view, Lorenzo has gotten very close to him over the years.  Stoner is the fastest outright, but for sure he is less complete than Lorenzo, and even more so than Rossi."