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Sunday, 07 February 2016
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Domenicali: the Ducati army is solid

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Claudio Domenicali nei box con Filippo Preziosi - GPOne.comThe top brass was present in the Ducati garage at Estoril today, including technical director Filippo Preziosi, and company general manager Claudio Domenicali. "The tropps are doing just fine," assured Domenicali, using a military metaphor.  "We can't forget that the GP12 is a completely new bike, and it still has room for development. There are new components on the way, and on Monday we will test two updates; one for the chassis and one for the electronics.  The objective is to find more rear grip, and the development work is continuous."

The season hasn't started in the best of ways, but the Ducati boss isn't completely discouraged: "We had some problems with competitiveness, but I don't think it was anything worse than last year - Domenicali continued - The performance seen so far doesn't demonstrate the limits of the bike; it's the best we can do at the moment, but not the best the bike has to offer. Of course there are various ideas for how to improve, and in this case it's hard to find a clear and unique answer to our problems.  That's why we are evaluating various solutions on track, to discover which is best."

And when your competition is Honda and Yamaha, every move must be carefully planned. "At this level it's very difficult to improve, and easy to take steps backwards. There are only three manufacturers in MotoGP, and that says a lot about how difficult this series can be." The Italian company's future will also depend on the decisions of new owners Audi. "We still need approval from the Antitrust authorities, and nothing has changed at the moment. When the deal will be finalized, we will have to present our plans, and that's when things will be evaluated.  But we are talking about the medium-long term." For now they must race against the Japanese, while they wait for the Germans.


Translation by Sean Sedacca