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Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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BMW: Ducati will stay the same

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Gobmeier, responsabile del progetto SBK per BMW - GPOne.comWhat does BMW think of rival Audi's decision to purchase Ducati? We posed that question to Bernhard Gobmeier, head of BMW's WSBK program.

"We followed the negotiations very carefully - the German manager admitted - I don't think the deal will change things very much on track, but it will be interesting to see their future strategy for production based racing."

We also asked Gobmeier what he thought about Infront's proposal for some longer races (150-180 kilometers, compared to the current length of 90-110 km) at Magny Cours and Imola, with endurance style pit-stops for refueling.

"It's a fascinating proposal that we are very interested in. The pit-stops would add another dimension to the racing, increasing the importance of team organization and strategy. The distance would be just enough so that the television viewers could still follow the event and understand what was happening throughout the race."

But there is always that old problem of costs, with teams having to equip their bikes for the quick stops.

"We still haven't done any precise calculations on how much it would cost to modify the bikes with these components, but we don't think it would be more than a few thousand Euro. Of course this could be an issue for the private teams during these tough economic times, so we need to carefully examine the pros and cons.  But the idea is interesting, and we are happy to help them study every aspect of the proposal."

The next meeting between Infront and the teams will take place at Donington Park, from May 11th to the 13th.