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Saturday, 13 February 2016
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The AMG-Ducati to be shown in NY

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The AMG-Ducati to be shown in NY - GPOne.comThe news of a Ducati partnership with an automobile company is nothing new, since the Italian manufacturer entered into a marketing agreement with AMG-Mercedes some time ago. The deal has gone beyond merely putting the German marque's logo on the fairings of the MotoGP bikes, as we have already seen a Special Edition Diavel AMG (September 2011) and a yellow Ducati Streetfighter with matching Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, at the Bologna Motor Show (December2011).

And now we are waiting for the presentation of another particular Mercedes: an AMG-Ducati, which should be unveiled on April 4th, at the New York Auto Show. This is obviously the ideal venue for such a presentation, since the United States represents the biggest market for both the motorcycle and car manufacturers.

But the question now is this: will the car still be presented following rumors that Ducati is up for sale, and that one of the interested parties could be Mercedes rival Audi?  Because while a merger with the Silver Arrows would seem most logical, the Italian brand now seems closer to the marque with the four rings.

To take things one step further, if the AMG-Ducati is not presented in NY, we can take that as a strong sign the negotiations with Audi are going forward.

Of course we are also left to wonder why no Italian investors have shown serious interest in Ducati. Perhaps one that is just down the road, and shares the same color red on their race machines? It seems like a match made in heaven.  Ferrari is one of the few companies which truly shares Ducati's philosophy, style and objectives, but then you don't always end up marrying the one you love.