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Thursday, 11 February 2016
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Checa: tires the problem in MotoGP

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Carlos Checa sulla Ducati Desmosedici - GPOne.comRecently crowned WSBK champion Carlos Checa has considerable racing experience on a wide variety of machinery, so it was only logical that Ducati would seek out his opinion of the current Desmosedici.  The Spaniard first tested the bike at Valencia in November, and he will do so again in January.  Speaking about the GP experience recently with the Marca, Carlos pointed the finger at Bridgestone for many of the issues faced by the team and the sport in general: "It seems to me that the tires are responsible for the lack of excitement in MotoGP, and the reason the riders are crashing without understanding why."

Talking more specifically about Ducati, Carlos added: "There is a lot of talk about the bike and the chassis, but the real difference in this category comes from the tires.  They are super rigid, it's hard to understand their limits, and the bikes have been built around the tires.  If this doesn't change, the bikes will continue to be less than enjoyable to ride, hard to understand and easy to crash on.  When you don't understand where the tire limits are, it becomes very complicated to develop a bike.  The issue at Ducati isn't the chassis; they changed it four times and the result was always the same.  The problem is the tires."

It will be interesting to see Bridgestone's reaction at the upcoming winter tests.